We looked at the monetary value of our currency to distinguish a fair price meaning a tiny profit for us and a tiny price for people who want to promote their business online.

We thought of doing it monthly at R50 per month but the amount of work involved in admin would not have been worth it that is why we decided to do it at an annual fee of R300 a year.

R300 a year = R25 per month.

The average price of sliced bread is R17 and Milk is around R25 for 2L

that shows how affordable we are as that covers you online for a year.

More focus on small marketing expenses to illustrate how affordable we made our services.

  • Cost of 500 Business cards R550+
  • Colored flyers R800 for 400 flyers + distribution fees
  • One add-in your local newspaper R250-R600 for one week
  • Facebook Ads start at R50 a day
  • other social media marketing easily go thousands for a short period of advertisement time.

We provide everything at one price we do not charge you extra to add your website or things like that.

We continuously develop our websites to become stronger online with link building and blogging and paid advertisement majority of the profits we make go into the further development of our services to improve it for our customers to ensure they stick with us.

Our goal is to be the biggest Business Directory in South Africa.

We are new and on this date 19 Feb 2021 We already rank on page two of google searches for business directories in South Africa.

Our aim is not only to be number one but to bring a value-added marketing inexpensive service to South Africa.

We gladly answer questions and can even assist in a more in-depth service of promoting you online and strengthening your online presence

Banking Details

Bank: FNB

Account Number: 628 274 84370

Ref: Your Business Name

POP TO: 0628953590 or sales@biz-directory.co.za