Online Business Directory South Africa

Why Choose Us?

We looked at business directories in general and saw the need for improvement something that has a better focus on providing value. and not just having an irrelevant sorting of businesses.

If you are a business owner I am sure you want to expand and reach higher levels with your business.

A part of reaching this is your marketing.

We have been involved with companies online since 2015 focusing more on digital marketing so we have started to incorporate an idea that can benefit businesses that can’t afford to spend thousands a month on digital marketing.

We have our business directories that cover all nine provinces in South Africa with over 90% of South African Towns.

We have targeted business directories so far in the Automotive industry and Home improvement and property-related industries. and in retail,

This makes it possible to promote additionally at least 70% of our marketing-related topics.

We offer a few free directories as well to help our backend for traffic.

Our pricing

While we do have fees attached it is affordable and in our views,

if a business can not afford to pay for essential marketing they won’t survive.

We do manual work on every listing we upload manually to our networks and optimize it for search engine optimization.

Hence we ask money for it. because it empowers you as a business.

Our provincial business directory fees are R300 per year billed once yearly.

If you want to add your business to one of our specified business directories the fees are R500 a year billed once yearly.

Both these sectors are promoted online extensively but our specified business directories aim to get customers who are looking for your services.

Now we will expand on our digital marketing solutions that incorporate into our services. hand in hand.

All Directories provide backlinks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are websites that link back to your website that gives it more power to rank on search terms.

Backlinks are the reason why if you have a business and its for argument sake “Computers for sale in Gauteng” and you google it you won’t be on the search results and it makes you frustrated because you feel that you are relevant because you do sell computers in Gauteng.

So you have heard of SEO and have done it but still, you do not rank the answer to you not ranking is backlinks.

Backlinks can be seen as votes. the businesses that rank have backlinks and that makes them rank. not sure what I mean by this?

take your competitors website and paste it into this

See they have backlinks. We provide backlink building also starting from R100 a link if interested get in touch with us. Or if you have any questions or want a marketing solution get in touch with us I am sure we can make something happen for you